The dark & the wounded in Europe


The Dark & The Wounded Feature


The Dark and Wounded film continues with a pinnacle statement, “Why are we as human beings not learning from our past history and continuing to not address the issues that will, in the end, allow us to be more compassionate and understanding to ourselves and to others.”

In order to move forward towards unity as a species we must look at where we have come from in order to point us in the right direction of where it is we need to go. Denial of our past and our traumas and psychological wounds only allow us to continue to perpetuate our negative behaviour patterns.

Europe as a backdrop for the Dark & Wounded provides an opportunity to go to some of the places in which need to be explored and remembered. It is in these dark places in our history that the answers lie. From Jack the Rippers brutal murders in London’s east end in Whitechapel to the horrific barbarism that took place by the Nazi’s during World War 2, these places hold the key to man’s inhumanity to man. Humans stand today in midst of self-destructive behavior, on individual and global scales. We are at the tipping point between ruin and recovery. The Dark and Wounded hopes through acknowledgement of the demons both within us and in our past, we can move in a positive direction towards change.

“We need to bring ourselves out of our comfortable places to look at the things we’ve been afraid to look at. That is where healing begins. That is how we move forward. Beyond fear… there is freedom.” 

-James Picard