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Short Documentary Summary


To become great, you must have a vision, courage and tenacity. 

Master Painter James Picard embodies all three in this defining chapter of his illustrious career. After exhibiting worldwide in a career that spans close to four decades, his new series takes us on a disturbing yet eye opening journey. The foreboding message and dark undertone of this painting series leads him to be rejected from the galleries where he usually displays his work. Determined to share his art and his message, Picard sets plans in motion to exhibit the series in a new way.

In an unprecedented move, he forces his way into the places no one else wants to go—abandoned prisons, vacant asylums long left to rot will become the backdrop for his new work. The Dark and the Wounded.

But entering these unearthly ruins proves to be more difficult than he could have ever imagined… He bends the rules. He trespasses. He writes a fake movie. He does whatever he needs to do to get in. Gaining momentum, he’s got only one thing on his mind…

Alcatraz Prison.